Sunday, 7 April 2013


This week I am exploring the word "Urban." I started sketching some buildings and my creative mind took over and added some graffiti. So I found an image of a brick building and a tutorial on adding graffiti to walls. (Link for Tutorial here.)

Thumbnails (Urban)

Screen Shot of Tutorial Image (Urban)

Tutorial Image

Screen Shot of Original Background Image (Urban)
Original Background Image 

I then found a graffiti maker (link here) and played around with the settings until I came up with something I liked. I cropped the background image and followed the tutorial for placing it on the brick wall.

Screen Shot of Graffiti "Art" (Urban)

Art Graffiti

Screen Shot of "ART" Graffiti on wall (Urban)

Art Graffiti on Brick Wall

I then found more graffiti images on Google and placed them on the wall as well.

Screen Shot of Graffiti Images (Urban)

Screen Shot of Graffiti Images I used

Screen Shot of Work in Progress (Urban)
Graffiti in Progress

I then finished off the image by adding some black "spray paint" around the word art.

Final PSD Image (Urban)

Final PSD Image

Saturday, 30 March 2013


Storm: A violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow. Depending on the type of storm, a flood can also accure. That is what I decided to depict in my image this week. I started sketching some images dealing with water and flooding and rain. After finding a tutorial for a flooded city (link here) and a tutorial for rain (link here) I found my two main images, New York City and an Ocean image.

Thumbnails (Storm)

Original New York Image (Storm)
Original New York Image

Original Ocean Image (Storm)
Original Ocean Image

I then cut out the sky from the New York Image. Placing the Ocean image overtop I decided which buildings would appear above water level. I used the quick selection tool to select the different buildings and delete the selection from the Ocean image.

New York Image without Sky (Storm)
New York Image without sky

Ocean image with Building Cutouts (Storm)
Ocean Image with Building cutouts

New York Flooded (Storm)
Flooded New York City

To make this image more realistic I added some rain. I followed the tutorial and darkened the sky by painting with a lower opacity black brush.

Adding Rain in progress (Storm)
Rain Tutorial in progress

Below is the screen shot of the final photoshop image.

Final PSD Image (Storm)

Final PSD Image

Sunday, 17 March 2013

It starts with a whisper...

When I think of the word Whisper, I imagine bullying. People whispering behind each others backs, spreading secrets and rumours. That is what I really tried to focus on for this image. I didn't want to do something cliche like a hand covering a mouth whispering into someone else's ear. I wanted a more abstract feel to the image. I first found an image of a girl with smoke rising from her mouth and a tutorial to create smokey text. (Tutorial can be found here.)

Original Image (Whisper)
Original Image

Original Tutorial Image (Whisper)

Original Text Tutorial Image

I then cropped the image to the size I was looking for and added a gradient overlay for a dramatic lighting effect.

Image with Gradient Overlay (Whisper)

Cropped Image with Gradient Overlay

I then used a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to boost the Cyan colour. I added a blue photo filter and another Hue/Saturation layer to reduce the red of the girls' lips.

Image with Adjusted Colours (Whisper)

Image with adjusted colours. 

I then used the text tool to individually type the letters of Shhhhh and placed them in the smoke, making the letters each bigger as they moved farther away from her lips. I then followed the tutorial to make the text look like smoke. I used a motion blur, a wave distort filter, a gaussian blur and linear dodge and colour dodge blending mode to get this effect. I also added a blue colour overlay to fit in better with the smoke she is breathing out.

Image with Shhhhh Text (Whisper)
Image with Shhhhh text in place. 

Shhhhh Text in Progress (Whisper)

Shhhhh Text Tutuorial Text in progress.

I then decided that my image needed a quote at the bottom to communicate the message I was trying to get across. "It starts with a whisper" is a strong quote that was direct enough without being to forward. Like I said, I wanted an abstract image to make the viewer think. I used the same tutorial and steps while adding a render clouds filter and some smoke brushes as well.

It starts with a Whisper Text in progress (Whisper)

"It starts with a whisper" Text Tutorial in progress.

It starts with a Whisper Final Text (Whisper)

"It starts with a whisper" Text tutorial completed.

Below is a screen shot of the final photoshop document. I believe the message is clear that although whispers may start off small and harmless they can grow and find their way into the unintentional ears of others and can be hurtful. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can shatter the soul." Bullying is a serious matter and I hope this image made you think more about how whispering and bullying can go hand in hand.

Final Psd Image (Whisper)

Final Photoshop Document.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I wonder what it would be like to fly. These past weeks I decided to work on something involving the word wings. I found an interesting tutorial on creating a statue with wings, which you can find here.

Original Tutorial Image (Wings)
Original Tutorial Image

I found an image of a nude model and removed the watermarks and background. I then found an image of wings.

Original Model Image (Wings)
Original Model Image

Model with blemish Removal (Wings
Model Image without Watermarks and Background

Original Wings Image (Wings)
Original Wings Image

I placed the two images together, converted it to black and white then added some texture of rocks and a wall overtop to give the model a stone feel.

Textures for Statue (Wings)

Screen shot of the textures used for the statue

Statue finished (Wings)

Textures applied overtop of the model with wings

I then found an image of a park with a rock I could place my statue on. I did some blemish removal and placed the statue on top of the rock and made it blend together as the rock was a different colour than the statue.

Original Park Image (Wings)

Original Park Image

Rock with Statue (Wings)

Park Image with Blemish Removal and Statue

I then used a font called "Fairy dust" and found a quote online about fairies and added a gradient and an outer glow to complete the final image.

Text finished (Wings)

Finished Text

The below image is the screen shot of the final photoshop document.

Final Stone Angel Image (Wings)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Ocean or Myth?

Ocean or Myth?
That was my choice.
I decided to go with Ocean as it would be easier to design something event related and plus, I love the water.
I then had to figure out what media I was working with. I want to go into event planning but how could I demonstrate my graphic design skills to boost the little skills I know in event management? I started drawing cake designs and centre pieces and party favours (pic 1) but it's one thing to design them and another to make them come to life, which I really didn't have the time or money to do. So the next option was print media, design invitations, name cards and other print related things need for parties. So I sketched this really neat invitation (pic 2) for a Bon Voyage Party and I was going to make it a pull out card so when you pulled the cork out of the bottle the scroll in the bottle would have all the info of the party. I started to design it but I was limited with the resources I had. I gave up.

Thumbnails 1 (Ocean)
Thumbnails 1

Thumbnails 2 (Ocean)
Thumbnails 2

I was really frustrated. I started googling random things that had to do with the ocean, I then came across tutorials for photoshop. This got me thinking, I love photoshop so why not use this as a chance to further my knowledge in photoshop and learn some new things. So I set off and found a really interesting tutorial that I could modify to include ocean. Link is here.

Original Tutorial Image (Ocean)
Original Tutorial Image

I used an image I found on google of someone holding scuba goggles.

Original Image (Ocean)
Original Goggle Image

I then removed the water mark using the clone brush tool and using a mask I hid the background.

Without the Background (Ocean)
Image without the Background

I then found another goggle image of a beach and placed it behind the goggles. I then placed a smaller image of the "Lost City of Atlantis" in the goggles, matching it up with the horizon line of the ocean. I guess in a way my image includes myth as well.

Close Up of City in Goggles (Ocean)
Lost City of Atlantis in goggles

I then found a tutorial for water text (link) and used that for the title "The Lost City of Atlantis".

Text in progress (Ocean)
The Lost City of Atlantis text in progress

Text finished (Ocean)
The Lost City of Atlantis text completed.

This is my finished photoshop file.

Final PSD Image (Ocean)

Monday, 21 January 2013


I'm not sure how to start this off.... I'll start with something simple, My name is Tina Clark, I am 19 years old and am currently at Mohawk for Graphic Design. Graphic Design is great and I have learned a lot but it's not something I want to do with my life. I am not ready to start working yet. I was in co-op for a few weeks and decided to come back to school in order to get my diploma faster and move on to something new. I am not ready to start working 9-5 yet, I still want to explore the world and study new things until I find something I am really good at. Next year I hope to get into the Event Management course at Mohawk. I really love to plan parties :) I have a lot of friends and a big social life and they really mean a lot to me so I get a lot of inspiration from them. So as I continue these blogs I will share with you a little bit more about me and my creative side through different medians. Let's see what comes of it...

prom 2011
Me and My Friends all ready for prom 2011

Interesting Fact: fallenangel1333 is the name I use on all my creative social media to display my art. As I don't have many followers who know me by that name yet I'm hoping I can expand and get my name out there. I should probably update more as well. If you want to check out some of my other and earlier works you can check me out here.